Sunday, September 23, 2012

Angela Maiers Post

In our EDM 310 class, Dr. Strange has assigned each of us to comment on a teacher's blog of America. He assigned me to Angela Meiers. Angela is very head strong and has a passion for furthering the leadership in education. She has taught for twenty years and is now the lead consultant of Maiers Education Service. I first commented on her blog on September 2. The post I commented on was about looking at the No Child Left Behind law from a different view. The title of her blog post was "Forget NCLB- We Must Leave No Genius Behind."

Here is what I said to Angela in my first comment:

Mrs. Angela, My name is Amy Archer. I am a Junior at The University of South Alabama. This Fall, I'm enrolled in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 Class. For his class I have to comment on a teacher's blog and then later make a blog of my own about my experience.

You have many remarkable talents, and I love your entry on "Leave No Genius Behind." Many teachers are stressed to the max about making sure no student is left behind, but you have touched on many key points that teachers need to address. I am influenced to not just encourage my students but, to instead, help them to see themselves as the intelligent masterpiece they are.

You really got my attention when you asked readers to stand up if they thought they were a genius. I am fascinated with your analogy because you are absolutely correct when you say a five year old would stand but an adult would not. The first idea that popped into my head as the definition for a genius was "someone who is a know-it-all."

After reading your blog, I saw that my definition is not accurate at all. We are all geniuses in our own way. I agree that it is time to put the idea that only people like Albert Einstein are what we call a "genius." I hope to remember and adapt this into my own teachings one day.

Also, I love how you are sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world! Until reading your blog I did not even know Classroom 2.0 existed!

Do you have any suggestions for me, as a future educator, on how to better view every student as a "Genius"? Thank you for your time, and good luck in all of your writings!

Amy Archer

On her comment back she said:

Hi Amy,

I am so thrilled that you are reading and commenting on blogs. That is the best way to start building your own personal learning network. Twitter is another wonderful way to learn from and be inspired by others. And when you are ready, you can start to share your genius with the world. 140 characters at a time!!

I also, follow Angela on Twitter. She is amazing and very inspiring. Every times she tweets it is about a way to improve the world, yourself, or the lives of those around you. If you are following me on Twitter, you will notice that I re-tweet her tweets a lot.

Tonight I made my second comment on Angela's blog. The blog that she posted tonight is called "Twelve Must-Have Habitudes For Social Media Success." I found this post very interesting and adaptable to my life. The twelve steps are insatiable curiosity, audacious imagination, fearless learning, unwavering persistence and perseverance, courage with confidence, adaptability and agility, self awareness, empathetic compassion, gracious generosity, realistic optimism, resilience, and relentless passion. Each of you should check out her blog if you haven't already.

Here is the comment that I left on her blog tonight:

Hi Angela,

My name is Amy Archer. I am a student at The University of South Alabama. I commented on your blog once already, but I wanted to comment again because you have inspired me to advance my performance on all the social media networks I am involved in. This blog post about the habitudes for social media success are very useful for the class that I am currently taking.

I believe that social media networks are rapidly becoming a necessity in the life of any job or student. I also wanted to thank you for your inspiring words. You are making a difference in the world one blog post and one tweet at a time. I can't wait to read what you post next!

Amy Archer

I have enjoyed this assignment to read Angela's blog and start a relationship with her.

Have you found new relationships through blogs?

Has anyone inspired you to increase your social media talents?

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