Sunday, November 11, 2012

Summary Post C4T #3

Bill Genereux is the third teacher that I was assigned to this semester. He is a known as a "Tech Intersect".

Fragile Kindles

The first blog post that I commented on by Mr. Genereux was pertaining to Kindles. He was a little put out with their quality considering because after having two kindles for only 18 months, he has had to replace them both. He said that Kindles are extremely fragile. He has actually replaced his own Kindle twice now, and he replaced his wife's once.

Here is the comment that I left Mr. Genereux:

Mr. Genereux,

Hi! My name is Amy Archer. I am currently a student at The University of South Alabama. This fall, I am currently taking Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class.

I do not have a Kindle, but I have considered buying one.
I am glad to hear your input on how they function because their sensitivity will definitely be something I take into consideration. I have also been looking into purchasing an iPad as another option. What is your intake on iPads? Have you seen the new video for the “mini iPad”? I heard it is supposed to have similar qualities as a Kindle.

Good luck with your new Kindle!

Amy Archer

Free Range Halloween

The second post that I commented on by Mr. Genereux was his most recent post about Halloween. The idea for his post came from reading a status of one of his friends about Halloween. His friend believes that Halloween is an awful holiday because all children do is "beg" for candy. Also, his friend thinks that the Halloween costumes are too scary and gory.

Mr. Genereux counter-attacked his friends statement by relating Halloween to his own life. He talked about how it is fun when your children get older and can be trusted to trick-or-treat on their own with a buddy. Another concept that he mentions is to take children's "gory" ideas for costumes and turn them into creative, funny costumes.

Headless Em and Friends

Here is the second comment that I left Mr. Genereux:

Mr. Bill,

My name is Amy Archer. I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class at The University of South Alabama in Mobile.

I loved reading your post about Halloween! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year. I agree with your reasoning that Halloween does get better as children get older. 

I think it is necessary to take your kids Trick-or-Treating at a young age, though, so that when they get older they will know how to do it on their own. You can teach them what streets are safe and how to always have a buddy with them.

One of the reasons I have always enjoyed Halloween is that I get to not only dress up like a character but act the part too without judgement! It is the one night of the year that you can pretend to be whoever you want without having to participate in a play or musical production.

Another reason I think it is important to take your children out on Halloween is for the purpose of teaching/helping them practice their manners. I do not think it is “begging” for candy if the children ask politely for candy and then thank the other person in return.

On another note, I do believe that it becomes begging once the child becomes an “adult”. I do not think it is right for adults my age in their twenties or late teens to walk around from door-to-door asking for candy. If you do not have children with you and you are an adult, then I believe this is what we can call begging. However, that is just my personal opinion.

I enjoyed getting to read your new post! I hope your having a great school year!


Amy Archer

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