Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project 10a

My Personal Learning Network

In order to help lay out how I have progressed this semester in my personal learning network, I used Symbaloo. Over the past two months, I have learned to stay connected with my classmates through blogger. I have mapped out my journey into four sections. The first corner is my Education section. It includes The University of South Alabama website, Blogger, MySpanish Lab, etc. All of this links I use today for my classes.

The second corner has websites that I use for social purposes and/or learning situations. For example, I use Twitter for both social purposes with my friends as well as educational purposes.

The bottom corner includes websites that I have for personal use. For example, I use MyFitness Pal to keep track of my daily activity and calorie intake. It helps me to stay active and fit.

The last corner contains websites that I use for online shopping. As you can tell there are not many listed because I am a broke college student. However, I know this will continue to grow as I begin to teach.


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