Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4T 4 Summary

C4T #4

The fourth teacher's blog post that I was assigned to comment on was a teacher by the name of Daniel Edwards. Mr. Edwards' blog is essentially mainly used to inform others on the new technological resources in the world, as well as receive input from bloggers on their opinion of the resources.

The first post that I commented on was from November 18, 2012. In this blog entry, Mr. Edwards listed and described many lesser known technological resources that can be used in the classroom. Some examples are Anitmoto, Skitch, Socravtive, etc.

Here is the comment that I left Mr. Edwards in response:

Mr. Edwards,
Hi! My name is Amy Archer. I am a student at The University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I am currently in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class.
Thank you for sharing all the many resources that can be used in the classroom! In our EDM 310 class, we are practicing the use of technology so that we will know how to incorporate it into our teaching one day. These ideas will definitely stay on my list of resources to check out.
I hope you are having a wonderful school year, and, again, thank you for your advice! It is greatly appreciated.
Amy Archer

The second post by Mr. Edwards that I commented on was written on November 24, 2012. In this post, he discussed the positives and negatives of the iPad Mini. Although the iPad Mini has a great screen for displaying videos, Mr. Edwards believes the iPad Mini is not as good of a choice for the classroom as the iPad. His reasoning is because the iPad Mini requires one finger typing and challenges the creation of videos.

Here is the comment I left Mr. Edwards:

Mr. Edwards,
Hi! My name is Amy Archer. I am a student at The University of South Alabama. I am currently taking Dr. Strange's EDM 310 Course where we learn to incorporate technology into teaching.
Your input on the iPad Mini is a great resource for me! I have actually been curious as to how useful the iPad Mini would be in the classroom because it is less expensive. However, with your input I see that it would better for me to invest in an iPad because of the typing.
I am wondering though if you have used one of the new tablets created by Windows? Would these be in any way comparable to an iPad? I was just curious because I know that these tablets would be more affordable for the public school system.
Once again, thanks for your advice!
Amy Archer

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