Sunday, December 2, 2012

Project 13-Group Awesome Collaboration

For Project #15 my group for EDM 310 had to come up with different ways to communicate prior to completing our project. The point of this assignment was to find different technological ways of communication other than the basic use of e-mail and text messaging. Our first idea was to use Skype. However, when we tried it out all together, we realized that we could not all three Skype together for free. In order to have a three way Skype call one must purchase Skype instead of downloading the free software.

After this first battle, we decided to use Google Hangout which allowed us to have a three way call. When we talked on Google Hangout we decided who was going to research and discuss each standard for our third grade History lesson.

Then, Nancy created a Google Document that allowed us to input our data and ideas on how to teach our part of the lesson. This made it easier when we came into the lab to create the lesson on the SmartBoard Notebook software.

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